Moroccan Inspired Engagement Shoot

When I landed the job of styling a Moroccan Inspired Engagement Shoot I got so excited by the ability to play with colour. The natural palette that I am inclined to steer towards on a personal level tends to be neutral and muted .... however having spent some years living in India as a teenager I have an inbuilt appreciation and love of vibrant strong colours.  

With items from Bridal Collective and some of my own I set about creating a bright, rich in colour and texture picnic. Think Moroccan lamps, ornate wine glasses, brightly coloured tea lights, brass ornaments and jewelled cushions and you'll start to get the picture. Layer that with glass  jars overflowing with macaroons, deep red grapes, turkish delight and chocolate, teamed with flowers in the hottest pinks, deep reds, purples and orange hues and the picnic was brought to life. 

Susan dressed more perfectly than I could have asked for in a raspberry lace dress and was beauty personified when styled with the floral crown I'd made for her. 

With David's affable character (from Origami Creatives) and his skill at making his subjects relaxed he captured the shoot beautifully which culminated in this magical twilight setting.


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